Vital for Post-Surgery Recovery

Experience seamless rehabilitation with our advanced LimFlex machine.

LimFlex - A Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) Machine for Patients

Product Features

Home Care Treatment

Very portable and User can easily access through mobile app.

Real-time Angle Settings

Precise real-time patient's threshold angle setting

Advanced Therapy Settings

Automatic pre-set user-defined protocols

High Speed Movement

Faster movements for improved therapy outcomes and/or decrese of therapy time

Remote Control with Display

Indicates user-defined parameters on one screen

Remote Control with Dsiplay

Our Customers

Healthcare Professionals: We support healthcare providers by integrating advanced technology into their workflows, offering real-time analysis of movement data to enhance patient care and outcomes.

Patients and Consumers: Our remote rehabilitation services ensure continuous support throughout 99% of the recovery journey, facilitating effective rehabilitation outside traditional clinical settings.


Post-Surgical Therapy


Positive Feedback from Patients


Medical Facilities Utilizing Our Technology

Client Feedback

“Easy to use and affordable.”
Dr. Chetan Raval
Jyoti Physiotherapy Clinic

“Portable, easy to use, and budget-friendly.”
Dr. Krusha Dave
Re-Life Physiotherapy, Fitness & Pain Clinic

“This is such a good product, and I’m satisfied with this innovative machine.”
Dr. Kanaiya R. Suthar
Riddhi Physiotherapy Clinic

“All the features are good and very useful for our profession.”
Dr. Suresh R. Solanki
Shree Multi-Specialist Physiotherapy Clinic

“It’s a very good product. The mechanism is excellent, and the results are outstanding.”
Dr. Krishna Desai Vanani
Krishna Physiotherapy & Neuro Care

“I am satisfied with this product because it is very affordable, lightweight, and extremely useful for home visits.”
Dr. Manoj Patel
Vrindavan Spine Care

Trusted Validation

LymbEdge CE
LymbEdge Patented
LymbEdge ISO 9001_2015
LymbEdge ROHS 2011_65_EU


Regain Your Mobility: Begin Your Recovery with Our LimFlex Device.


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If you have recently had an orthopaedic surgery and are looking to make a full recovery, CPM machines are what you are looking for.

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Note: If you are considering CPM as a rental, it is advisable to consult your doctor before making a purchase.